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was in the bathroom and he intended to kill her. >> and about the remarkable strategy the defense is going to use to fight back. >> very novel predent setting legal argument. >> the events began just before 6:00 on valentine's eve, february 13th, 2013. here on the surveillance camera, you can see a smiling reeva steenkamp driving her silver mini past security guards standing watch over oscar's walled and debated subdivision. reeva was followed ten minutes later by oscar, driving a white bmw. by 10:00 p.m., oscar will claim, he had removed his prosthetic legs and was in bed watching tv while she practiced yoga on the floor nearby. this crime scene photo, not intended for public consumption but leaked to the media reveals a never to be opened valentine's gift from reeva to oscar, ossie as she liked to call him. it wasn't much later, according to oscar, they were both fast asleep. and then 3:00 a.m., this. more leaked photos show where four bullets blew through the bathroom door, two bullet holes marked by police appear to be about waist high. one of the bullets ended up in the base. after firing th
and russians on a governmental level are talking for the first time today. the russian defense official is discussing ukraine with nato members in brussels as well. in this whole kind of flurry of diplomacy we're getting the sense of two end games. west is pushing the plan to include international observers on the ground, in crimea. direct talks between kiev and moscow and new elections in may a, russians want a return of the ousted ukrainian leader viktor yanukovych to hold the government and re-election in december. there's a gulf between the two side, but at least they're once again talking together. >> 4:03 in the afternoon in moscow, russia. thank you so much jim. back at home, there is new political fights to talk about. president barack obama 's $3.9 trillion budget is on capitol hill. the highlight is massive expansion of earned income tax credit. 13.5 million workers would be eligible for $60 billion in credit. also included, billions for roads and rails, spending the white house says will bolster the economy. republicans say the president's budget is dead on arrival. they comp
african courtroom. why the defense attorney is pointing his finger at witnesses. >>> 4:44 here on wednesday morning. good morning to you. we take a live look outside. commute under way. mike inouye's watching that. we have a b.a.r.t. issue this morning. so that could affect your commute if you commute on b.a.r.t. we'll fill you in on that coming up. >>> two south bay families get the lift of a lifetime, new home to call their own. habitat for hohumanity will giv homes. the keys will be given to the families at 10:00. >>> and follow up now, san francisco one major step closer to approving one of the strictest bans on bottled water in the country. the board of supervisors passed the ban. the change will take place in october. starting 20016 extending to large outdoor events. the ban must be approved by the board one more time before sent to mayor ed lee's desk. >>> menlo park giving a thumbs up to facebook's offer to pay for a police officer. the city council unanimously accepted the offer. it will pay 500,000 for the officer based at bellhaven neighborhood substation. the office
. >>> oscar pistorius' murder trial has just adjourned for the day. earlier the chief defense lawyer pointed the finger at two witnesses that testified accusing them of tayloring their stories to match one another's. the witnesses, a married couple, live next door to pistorius, both said they heard a woman scream, gunshots the night that reeva steenkamp were killed. the defense say there's were differences between the statements the couple gave to police after the shooting and the testimony they gave in court. pistorius claims he thought steenkamp was an intruder the night he shot through a bathroom door, killing her. prosecutors say it was on purpose. >>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is on his way to silicon valley. meeting with high-tech leaders and the governor. live outside the computer history museum in mountain view, where the prime minister will be in a matter of hours. good morning to you, damien. >> reporter: good morning. this is the third american stop for the israeli prime minister. he was in washington, d.c. monday, l.a. yesterday, and today, right here in the sill
. >> reporter: where today the defense challenged michelle burger, the neighbor who testified she heard screams and gunshots from the direction of pistorius' home. >> you heard that out of a closed toilet and a house 177 meters away. >> reporter: burger, who didn't want to testify on camera, was overwhelmed. >> the shots. >> reporter: it's been a very intense morning, with one of witnesses at least breaking down in cross-examination. she was wiping away tears while she was being questioned by the defense attorney. throughout the entire morning, oscar pistorius was very engaged, listening intently, taking notes and passing them on to his attorneys. at times he turned away as prosecutors build their case that he deliberately murdered his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. >> i've lost everything important to me. >> reporter: reeva's mother, on "today" this morning, never met pistorius, but she was in court yesterday hoping to look him in the eye. >> he just walked into the courtroom, and he looked straight ahead, and then he sat down and never looked my way. >> reporter: she said she could forgive him.
, unspecified measures to reinforce the black sea fleet. the defense minister said according to orders from the president as of 2:00 p.m., we are on high alert. russia has reason to worry that ukraine may be slipping away. in a rural town that is called -- named after lenin, it is taken down. the ukrainians have taken down the statue. the village plans to change the name, too. the staffue here will soon go into the fields to become a scarecrow. they are carving a new bust of a ukrainian poet to take its place at city hall. he says that ukraine should be a part of europe. >> we have to stand here to protect europe. it is true. >> reporter: tonight, in kiev, independence square, they are still mourning those who died to bring ukraine to this historic crossroad, and there is not a russian flag in sight. protesters in this square, brian, overturned their pro-russian government. it is not clear now how much independence russia will tolerate. brian? >> richard engel who remains in kiev for us tonight, thank you, this is no ordinary time and all of this presents a very difficult balancing act for
, to prove that oscar pistorius fired his gun with the intent to kill reeva. oscar's defense says it was a tragic mistake driven by his fear of crime and vulnerability. at a bail hearing last year, oscar gave his most detailed account of what happened. it filled me with horror and fear of intruder or intruders of being inside the toilet. i fired shots at the toilet door and shouted to reeva to phone the police. outside the courthouse, media has been preparing for days. more than 2,000 journalists have applied for accreditation to cover this trial to give you a sense of how intense it will be followed. inside the courthouse here behind me, officials say they'll limit the access into the courtroom. about 100 or so passes have been given, including representatives from both families. in south african law, it will come down to one judge, not a jury, who in the end will decide whether oscar pistorius, once a hero to millions around the world, is, in fact, a criminal. ayman mohyeldin, nbc news, pretoria, south africa. >>> up next here, we go live to the red carpet to check in with al ro
ukrainian airspace, testing their defenses and their resolve, and, of course, the resolve of the west. brian? >> bill neely who was in the crimea for us. andrea mitchell before that who now departs with secretary of state john kerry for kiev. thanks to you both. we are now joined by michael mcfaul, who just days ago departed as u.s. ambassador to russia to return to stanford university as an expert on the region and the country and its president, vladimir putin. mr. ambassador, a lot of folks on tv over the weekend seem to desperately want this to be a plot line, putin versus obama. if you're vladimir putin, however, how much is the u.s. a part of your thinking and how much is this truly a domestic matter to you? >> well, for president putin, ukraine is very important to his vision of creating what he calls a eurasian economic union. and just a month ago he was victorious in his view when then president yanukovych rejected the european and started negotiations with russia. but then just a few weeks ago, that president, yanukovych fled russia, and that was a big blow to putin, a big blow of w
the national guard is such a big part of the department of defense that they automatically have to adhere to the laws of the d.o.d. but they don't. they are a state entity. >> i think it's important that the legislature be involved with this and we know how many of these cases are happening. >> reporter: lawmakers in iowa are addressing the issues. in january an iowa state senator introduced a bill to require the commanders to report sexual assaults outside the chain of command to civilian authorities. >> we want to have better reporting to law enforcement but also for the legislature to understand how many of these incidents are happening. >> reporter: the women of the military rape crisis center say they hope other states pick up similar legislation. >> the whole system has to change. the whole entire national guard. i would like to see, you know, california and other states following iowa's steps. >> the current sexual assault reporting system has failed many very successful career women and there needs to be change. >> reporter: she is currently a member of a rescue wing at moffett fi
guard is such a big part of the department of defense that they automatically have to adhere to the laws of the dod. well, they don't because they are a state entity. >> i think it's important that the legislature be involved with this, and we know how many of these cases are happening. >> reporter: lawmakers in iowa are addressing the issue in january and introduced a new bill requiring commanders to report incidents of sexual assault outside the chain of command to civilian authorities. >> the goal of the legislation is we have better reporting of sexual assaults to law enforcement, but also for the legislature to understand how many of these incidents are happening. >> reporter: the woman of the military rape country sis center say they hope to see other states take up similar legislation. >> the whole system has changed, the whole entire national guard. i would like to see, you know, california, other states following iowa's steps. >> the current sexual assault reporting system has failed many very successful women and there needs to be change. >> reporter: she has asked us to disgui
of the importance of this alliance including perhaps -- we should revisit the missile missile defense shield we talked about so often. beyond that, i would say it's part of strengthening and stabilizing the government in kiev now so they can transition to stability down the road, as well, i think part of that should be strengthening their defense capabilities. i think this threat is a long-term one they're facing >> you've been focused on foreign policy challenges in venezuela. there are protests there against the government and a crackdown against protesters in the streets. what would like to see the administration do? >> first we need to clearly pronounce ourselves as more than just concerned about what's happening. we need to say clearly the united states and its people and its government are firmly on the side of the ambitions and desires, the rightful desires of the people in the streets, the students and young people protesting against violations. beyond that, i would like to see specific u.s. sanctions against individuals in the maduro government that are systematically participating in
-protection, self-defense and not under the kremlin's control. the concern now that some of this violence may move eastward. there's another region in ukraine where building had to be evacuated because it was taken over by pro-russian forces. >> thank you for keeping an eye on that for us. >> there may be some fireworks on capitol hill today as senate committee talks about downsizing the armed forces. the obama administration announced plans to cut back on military spending. the proposal calls for the army to shed 130,000 soldiers. defense secretary hagel and high-ranking military officials will be testifying at today's hearing into tesla motors plans to open 30 new stores and service centers in europe and shash to keep up with significant growth. the electric car make already introduce right-hand drive versions of the model s in the uk, though europeans buy fewer cars, it's easier for tesla to sell cars in europe than america because there are restrictions here on companies selling their own cars without going through a dealer. tesla plans to bill a huge battery factory in the united states as we
. and there are a lot of complexities involved in asking the defense department to plan for a zero option, that is a full withdrawal. >> reporter: general dempsey said karzai may leave him no choice. >> as the military leader of our country, i can't ask young men and women to serve in a country without the protections afforded by a bilateral security agreement. >> reporter: karzai had used the security agreement to try to pry concessions out of the u.s. there's a chance, but no guarantees that presidential elections in april could elect a new afghan president who may sign the agreement. the white house was planning to leave as many as 10,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan to train and assist afghan forces. instead, plans now begin to withdraw all 34,000 american forces from afghanistan. but the biggest challenge will be removing the millions of tons of u.s. military gear, all in a tight ten month time frame. general dempsey warns, al qaeda is still alive and active here. and worries about leaving that job undone. >> so we need to have an ability to have a credible, stable, reliable partner in
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. >> and in this country from the white house, state and defense departments today we saw carefully coordinated warnings to russia not to interfere in ukraine. >>> still ahead for us tonight, outrage. a funny guy gets suddenly serious before a room full of empty chairs in washington. tonight, powerful members of congress getting called out for not showing up and in some cases falling asleep. >>> the actor and comedian seth rogen has become active in a charity to educate the public, especially young people about alzheimer's disease. it is personal for him because of the slow decline of his mother-in-law. he went before congress yesterday, as so many do, appearing as a celebrity advocate, and he is now using his celebrity to tell the public what he found in washington, and the way he found our elected lawmakers acting. now he is telling the world what it's like to testify before a largely absent senate cub committee. our report from nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: every day there are a lot of boring hearing on capitol hill. >> i don't know if you know who i am at all. >> reporter: but when a celebrity
where oscar's defense team will continue to try to pick apart these prosecution witness that this was in fact not an argument that led to a murder, but a pure accident, an intruder he thought was in his house. back to you. >> chapman, thank you. >>> coming up later on the "today" show, hear from the mother of reeva steenkamp. >>> turning to the weather and what seems to be a never-ending story of record low temperatures crippling snowfall and flight cancellations. four to six inches of snow fell in the mid-atlantic on monday. it forced the shutdown of the federal government in washington as well as school and businesses in neighboring counties. cold will continue to grip the region with overnight temperatures expected in single digits. winter woes have also slammed air travel, thousands of passengers were stranded as airports canceled 2700 flights nationwide. and with monday's flight disruptions, it brought the number of canceled flights to 87,000 since december 1st. that is a record. but the snowfall did allow some people to have some fun. people clashed in the national
to me the defensive aspect of his game still needs to come around. there's an experience factor involved as well. we saw the warriors go out and trade for a veteran point guard last week in steve blake. >> and a former point guard back in the day. >> the shot is definitely dusty and rusty. >> he said it, not me. >> for a full hour of sports coverage, you can watch tonight at 10:30. >> we're back in a moment. >>> tonight at 11:00, some serious concerns about workers being exposed to radiation at hunters point in san francisco. we investigate allegations of contamination at the former naval shipyard. >>> the cupertino's company is first in the word. amazon is second. google is third and other top companies are ebay and sisco. the ranking is based on things like innovation. >> number fo >>> you'll see a few light showers that will pick up in intensi intensity. rain, a possibility of thunderstorms. and winds that could go as high as 50 miles per hour in the hills. we'll begin to clear out as we head through saturday afternoon and sunday. >> it willing be an active nig. we hope to see you ba
. >> ryan took the stand in his own defense. a wringing and determined denial. >> did you go to the "tribune" parking lot? >> no. >> did you see kent heighthold anywhere? >> no. >> did you participate in this murder? >> no. >> how could a jury believe otherwise, he thought? there was evidence of the crime scene, after all. footprints, fingerprints, the hair in the victim's hand. and none of it matched ryan. it was a friday evening when the jury went out. and that same friday evening when they came back. a brisk, preweekend deliberation. >> we the jury find defend ryan william ferguson guilty of murder in the second degree. >> he didn't show much on the outside. but now, finally, he understood what had happened to him. the sentence was 40 years. and the heightholds felt they were getting that thing people like to call closure. >> i'm glad that finally i can remember him as just my dad and someone that was loved by everyone. >> kent heighthold's paper put the story to bed, perhaps for good. >> i think everyone will feel some relief now that it's over. >> but ryan's family felt the polar opposi
getting the best of him. his attorney said police co-horsed carl and the judge denied the defense notion to suppress and the trial was set for november 6th, 2013. all these years, mike carlson had misgivings about carl's behavior but after watching the interrogation video, his worst fear was cemented, his own brother was a killer and now, he had a new fear. >> as the trial approached, did you think that the evidence was overwhelming and that it was pretty clear carl was going to go away? >> i was probably more scared as the trial approached that it wasn't a slam dunk. >> coming up, a surprise inside and outside the courtroom. >> we've been waiting just about 24 years now for some closure. >> now, a haunting new question. had carl carlson killed before? >> telling me about the fire with your first wife. >>> in the winter of 2012 as the seneca county district attorney was preparing to prosecute carl carlson for the murder of his son levi, new york investigators had become deeply interested in the long ago california fire that killed levi's mother christina. they were suspicious about carls
. >> reporter: in closing arguments thursday, kennedy's defense argued common sense and the lack of evidence will tell you there's no proof she was aware she ingested the zolpidem, a generic form of ambien. kennedy testified that on the morning of the accident, she mistakenly took a sleeping pill instead of her thyroid medication on her way to the gym. dr. david benjamin, a clinical pharmacologist testified for the defense. >> she drove for a long time without having any problem at all and then it hit her like a ton of bricks. >> reporter: in her closing, prosecutor doreen lloyd insisted that kennedy must have felt drowsy or dizzy before the accident. when someone falls asleep, they get tired, they get drowsy. they rest their eyes and fall asleep. lloyd closed by referencing kennedy's own book "speak truth to power" telling the jury, you will speak truth to power and convict kerry kennedy of the crime she committed. kennedy is also the ex-wife of new york governor andrew cuomo. now, to convict her, the jury has to find that, yes, she was driving, yes, she was driving under the influence of a
to stumble. there were allegations of police mismanaging evidence and the defense will delve into oscar's fear of crime that propelled him to shoot at what he said he thought was an intruder who broke into his house in the middle of the night. as an olympian, oscar pistorius made south africa proud on the world stage. tomorrow his life and his actions will take center stage in a courtroom here. that, too, will be watched just as closely by his countrymen and many around the world. lester, the trial gets under way tomorrow with opening statements by the prosecution, and in a first for this country, a south african judge has allowed cameras in the courtroom. it's going to be televised. a lot of people will be watching it. the trial is expected to last from three to five weeks and a verdict possibly weeks after that. you can imagine it is going to grip the nation and a lot of media attention from around the world. >> thanks. we're going to switch gears and talked about the red carpet. for many people, the only question that matters is who are you wearing? we'll take a closer look at your f
on the story for us. thanks very much. nbc legal analyst, former prosecutor and defense attorney who has worked as a legal advocate for children. karen, good morning, nice to see you. >> good morning, matt. >> hard to watch this. you're watching a family unit coming apart at the seams in front of your eyes. how often are these cases brought? >> they're kind of reserved for celebrities. people who have a lot of money. you see these in the context of custody or divorce cases, but not a married couple with a child who wants cash. >> charges and counter charges. the daughter says she was basically kicked out of the house. the parents say she left because she refused to obey our rules. brings up the concept of emancipation. legally speaking when it comes to a family, how is it defined? >> okay. in new jersey, there's case law that says if you're under 21, you can be an unemancipated adult. if you're vulnerable like she is, the court can say you have an obligation to support them if you were doing that in the past. if she was under the sphere of their influence, there is case law that says that she i
attack helicopters. the defense minister says 6,000 additional russian troops have arrived here. all of this after president obama warned russia not to intervene in ukraine. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> in crimea's capitol, the pro-russi pro-russian gathers pace. anyone that disagrees, says the prime minister, should leave. just along the boarders and frontier with ukraine, russia continues one of the biggest military enterprises since the fall of the soviet union. president putin is now to show their strength to the world. the streets of crimea are calm. the votes here to decide who should rule has been brought until the end of the month. within weeks, crimea, always pro-russian could be free of ukrainian rule for good. give in to what it calls russian provocation and it's troops are ready to head back if necessary. i don't think there's a strong chance of any clash with russian troops. but it's a focus of a battle of wills now between east and west. >> bill for us
all comes down to which party controls the senate. democrats are playing defense. polls show the party is vulnerable in as many as a dozen seats in the senate. republicans only want to win six of them for control. and the gop playbook, it's the same all over the country. maybe the election about president obama and his health care law. >> if i had my way about it, we'd repeal obama care and start all over and get it right. >> many democrats particularly in the decisive red state senate races are running scared. in kentucky, allison avoids health care and says she doesn't need president obama. instead, she and other endangered democrats are enlisting the help of another democratic president. >> look, i love kentucky. you've been good to me. you've voted for me twice. >> reporter: two potential rising stars to keep an eye on. >> i can't tell you how honored i am. >> reporter: democrats hope wendy davis' meteoric rise translates into an update in the governor's race. and texas republicans are poised to elect their third george bush to office in the last 50 years. this one is jeb bush's so
the police are just wrong. >> reporter: no forensics, no witnesses, not even a body. the defense might have stopped right there. instead, they decided to gamble. mike was a nice guy. the jury should see that. and if the details had been a little different each time he was asked to tell the story, here was his chance to straighten it all out for the jury. how odd then that mike, under oath now, amended his story just a little again. like when he added the detail that carol was in the bathtub when she said something mean to him. >> she said, you make my skin crawl. >> reporter: also slightly different, the way he discovered she was gone. >> i opened the front door and went out and the garage door was up and the car was gone. >> reporter: in earlier versions, 't heard the garage door go up and then saw taillights as carol drove away? why had his story changed again? >> what's the deal with that? did you hear the garage door? >> i don't think so. >> why do you think that now? what has jogged your memory? >> because i think over the years, i thought about this night so many times, and i just --
up, a dramatic day in court as kerry kennedy takes the stand in her own defense and invokes the memory of her father at her drugged driving trial. will it help her avoid a conviction? >>> religion on the big screen. why hollywood is suddenly banking on the bible. but first, this is "today" on nbc. banking on the bible. but first, this is "tod >>> coming up on "trending," three parent babies, the controversial fertilization procedure. >>> we'll get the photo shop treatment on "love your selfie." eat right. not less. [ woman ] hi, this looks interesting! what's going on here? would you like to try some hot cereal? [ female announcer ] special k nourish hot cereal. special k? wow! wow! [ female announcer ] made with superfoods... superfoods sound good to me. there's quinoa, barley. i can definitely taste the quinoa. good! i can't believe that's less than 200 calories. [ female announcer ] help you truly shine. this is a way to be good to me. [ female announcer ] nurturing yourself. what will you gain when you lose? [ female announcer ] nurturing yourself. in this season's
of kerry kennedy. she prepares to take the stand in her own defense. we'll have the latest in the courtroom. >>> and as simple as asking an adult. a rossen report hidden investigation reveals how easy it is for teenagers to get their hands on alcohol. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> coming up, pippa middleton speaks out about that dress for the first time. >> after your local news and weather. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® pore refining cleanser. alpha-hydroxy and exfoliating beads work to clean and tighten pores so they can look half their size. pores...shrink 'em down to size! [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanser. neutrogena®. [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanser. what 8 grams of protein looks like when you're getting the most out of yourself and out of life. start your day with the power of protein. mi
to counsel for criminal defense defenders. and we need that in states across our country. we don't have that in new york state today. and we've got to pass legislation which will allow people to have access to competent counsel no matter who they are. >> what you're talking about now is what your life's work has been about. if i were to google you, i have a feeling the top 10 or 15 things on that google search would be about this trial. that's not what you want. how much have these charges hurt your ability to do the work you've been doing for most of your life? >> well, you know, it does hurt. and that's part of the reason i didn't have a plea. for instance, in this particular case, if i had pled, i would not be allowed to go canada for ten years or australia or new zealand and many, many other countries. in fact, if you plead to something like this overseas, you're not allowed back in the united states for ten years. so a lot of countries have these rules and regulations which is another way that the plea system really harms our country. >> and i want to mention that the work you've d
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